Durable solutions for pavement marking

Almon Equipment offers our customers the most extensive durable pavement marking solutions in the market place today, with a focus on enhancing safety, visibility and longevity.  In addition to the conventional Thermoplastic and Cold Plastic solutions, Almon offers an Inlaid solution which    provides extended longevity and Recessed Reflective Marker solution further enhancing safety for challenging road conditions.

Almon Equipment is uniquely positioned as a total source provider for road maintenance and road building projects,  bringing  the best value to our customers.

Thermoplastic and Cold Plastic: markings more durable than conventional water based markings.

Inlaid Markings: offers double the life expectancy . Paint is applied to ground out sections of  the road, this solution mitigates damage from snow plough and tires.

Recessed Reflective Markers: enhances visibility and safety. Ideal for curves, hills, low lit areas and high incident areas .


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