Bridge Inspection Services

Almon Equipment is positioned as a total source solution for your Road Works and Maintenance Requirements and Bridge Inspection Services. We continually seek and bring new efficient solutions for road safety and cost savings. The following is an application of these principles!

Bridge Inspection Units: Specialized equipment to maneuver above, beside and below bridges, for Cost Effective, Safe and Efficient bridge inspections service for bridges in remote or obstacle situated locations.

Advantages of Almon Bridge Inspection Units

  • Safer work space impacting; moral, efficiency and insurance claims
  • Cost effective solution for tall bridges, bridges situated over water or rail
  • Easy operation with minimal traffic interruption
  • Currently inspect all obstacle situated bridges in Ontario through MTO
  • Almon provides total source solutions for; Inspections and traffic control with expertise

Bridge inspection  Bridge inspection

Steel fatigue testing and crack detection technology

Steel fatigue testing and crack detection technology

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